Suicide Awareness

Butterfly Love

Last week we finally got some of Zane's belongings back from the police. I needed his phone... apparently someone decided to hack into his snap chat and Instagram accounts. It took me two days to open the envelope but I did it. I was able to change the passwords temporarily and hopefully that will work… Continue reading Butterfly Love


Mirror Image

I know life isn't perfect. It's not supposed to be. No one ever said it was. But good grief. You know that old saying "When God closes one door He opens another"? Yeah well whatever..... I'm not only having doors closed on me, they're being slammed in my face, apparently breaking my neck 🤣🤣🤣. In… Continue reading Mirror Image

Suicide Awareness

Take More Pictures

I'm watching the movie Soul Surfer (where Bethany gets attacked by a shark and loses her arm) and I'm a horrible person. I'm judging. The parents are crying, asking questions... asking why. Bethany, the main character asks why God would make this part of her 'plan'. Again, judging. This movie is based on a true… Continue reading Take More Pictures

Suicide Awareness

Double Digits

The mornings are getting warmer and ten months came so fast. I still cry every day. Every. Single. Day. I'm still not wearing eyeliner for fear of looking goth in the middle of the day from a random breakdown. I'm lucky to put mascara on. I still stare off into space wondering if he's ok.… Continue reading Double Digits

Suicide Awareness

Make It Count

As we were trolling around a store on Saturday, May 12th in Dallas, I came upon a book and decided to buy it for Zeagan. It was Guardians of the Galaxy. It's an animated book about Baby Groot going to sleep. Perfect right? Well here's why I'm telling you...I open Facebook, at which I told… Continue reading Make It Count

Suicide Awareness

I’m Still His Mom This Mother’s Day

A while back I decided to start treating myself again and getting my nails done. A new distraction I suppose. It's been good for me I think. Well the other day while sitting at the table a lady sat next to me and said "oh you have Hebrew on your wrist, it says family!". I… Continue reading I’m Still His Mom This Mother’s Day

Suicide Awareness

A Bug’s Life

Do you ever feel like a moth to a flame? Or a bug on a windshield? A grain of sand being buried deeper and deeper? I feel like that bug that got stuck on the windshield wiper that's trying to hang on for dear life. We've ALL been there. That's just where I am now.… Continue reading A Bug’s Life