Priceless Moments

As we pull up to the house the other day I asked Zeagan “Hey Zeagan! Who’s house are we at?” His response is priceless…

“Zane Zane’s!”

Zane never lived at this little rent house. He never even stepped foot in the door. Not in his human form.

My mom, stepdad, my sister Cheryl, great niece Kai’Dyn, great nephew Riot and I were eating lunch in Lubbock last weekend. Out of the blue the kids started saying “Mom, mom, momma, mommy, mom, momma, momma…” like Stewie from Family Guy. That was Zane’s favorite thing to do to me to drive me insane when he needed my attention! I wear his Family Guy PJs to lounge in most evenings the moment I get home from work because they give me comfort. And somehow make me giggle. Priceless.

This morning Joe made breakfast for Kai’Dyn, Riot and I. A normal set up…eggs, sausage and biscuits. I was hit by one of my moments. The biscuits. The stupid biscuits. Zane and I used to fight over the middle biscuits in the pan. You know, the ones that didn’t touch the side of the pan? Those. Ugh. I had to laugh and tear up at the same time. Stupid biscuit. Then Joe reminded me about the time Zane realized the biscuits had layers…”These biscuits have layers!!!” he said. He was pretty young, probably 7 or so. Again, stupid biscuit. But totally priceless.

I have been dreaming quite a bit lately. But I can’t remember what about. Not one single dream. I just know I have been because I’m so tired from tossing and turning. I have no idea what it means or why. Some things are never explained I suppose. But dreaming is always priceless.

Tonight at dinner, we were trying to keep Zeagan occupied. Boy is he one smart little booger. He is in the stages of “What’s that?”. He pointed to a dress on the wall and asked so we told him it was a yellow dress. Five minutes later he points to the dress and tells us it’s a yellow dress. And again some time later. Zeagan shows signs of Zane’s intelligence every time we ask him a question. When it was time for the waitress to give us the check, she told us it had already been paid. Someone’s random act of kindness tonight was simply priceless.

Daniel and Adrianna came by to pick up Zeagan and I was able to give them and Joe something very special I had made for them all. A very good friend and client of mine made 5 perfect blankets out of Zane’s t-shirts and jeans. I selected each shirt carefully to match each one of us and Misty embroidered a message on each blanket. Zane loved Batman, tuxedo shirts and zombies so each blanket has at least one of each. He also played 6 years of soccer plus Texas Tech soccer camp and Church Camp so each has those as well. I knew the blankets we’re going to be heart warming, but never did I imagine the emotion and how loved they will be. When I brought them home, I pulled mine out and spread it out on the floor. Mia, Zane’s dog, immediately dug her nose in the blanket and layed on it. She refused to move. She knew. She just knew.

THAT was priceless 💜.

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