Mirror Image

I know life isn’t perfect. It’s not supposed to be. No one ever said it was.

But good grief.

You know that old saying “When God closes one door He opens another”? Yeah well whatever…..

I’m not only having doors closed on me, they’re being slammed in my face, apparently breaking my neck 🤣🤣🤣.

In the last 10 months we have lost our son,moved from our home of 15 years, still paying mortgage AND rent, have been learning an entirely new life, had to “shop” for headstones then order one, Daniel was in a horrible car accident, my dear friend lost her son in a car accident in November, Joe’s cousins lost their son in a car accident in December, my mother-in-law was hospitalized again (shortly thank goodness), my brother has been dealing with heart issues, my step dad had back surgery, Daniel’s seizures have returned and now he is having panic/anxiety attacks, I broke my c1 (with an ugly er visit) three months ago and still wearing a neck brace for whoever knows how long, my great niece and her family have moved away, and the constant tears of living without my baby.

Just when you think life slows down or you’ll get some rest, nope.

Whatever though, I’m sure God hates me.

Sometimes we walk into places at the right time. Whether it makes our hearts beat a little faster or if it makes us smile, it was meant to be.

I needed to make quick stop at GNC Monday. The kid behind the counter took my breath away. He had a striking resemblance to Zane. About the only thing different was the color tone of his skin and color of his eyes. He was darker skinned, having been out in the sun. Poor Zane would have burned like a lobster 😂. His eyes were brown but clear, more like Daniel’s, Zane’s were more gray, but also clear. Same hair color, same cut, same build. I had to tell him. I apologized if it freaked him out that I was telling him, but I had to. He asked to see a picture, but oh so politely, he was delicate about it. By this time I told him the story, what had happened. He knew Zane took his own life 10 months ago at 16 years old, very unexpectedly. I will never forget his face when I showed him the picture of Zane. I am pretty sure I took HIS breath away. He was looking in a mirror.

Then today…more bad news. Fashion designer Kate Spade died. By apparent suicide at the age of 55. Normally someone’s death whom I did not know would not shake me up but because of the nature this did. Rest in peace. Fly high Kate.

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