What Is Your Location

As a kid it’s always exciting to see falling star. Oh to make that wish. You hope and pray that it comes true. Maybe it for something you’ve been wanting. Or for your crush at school to notice you. Then you grow up. But wait! You still make that wish! Bam. Nothing. No magic. Or that’s how it is in my world. Just this morning I had an eyelash fall on my face. You’re supposed to make a wish and blow it away from the tip of your finger. I just brushed it off. Why should I waste my time. I haven’t been granted a wish in ages, if ever. If anyone has payed attention, I kinda have bad luck. The only recent good luck is the kids are safe ❀️. But enough about wishes, I have bigger fish to fry.

No one decided to tell me that Deadpool 2 needed a warning label on it. Thanks. In the beginning after loosing his wife, he tries to kill himself multiple ways…joy. Does the rest of the movie make up for it? Yes. But should have I been warned? Yep. So I had a rude awakening and a minor heart attack.

While we were in Lubbock the other day I think Joe came to realization that he had forgotten deodorant…oooops. He asked me where the spare one was. I handed it to him. Oh the aroma. Zane. It smelled like Zane. Sometimes I want to put the deodorant on just to smell ‘him’.

A song came on the radio as we were pulling out of the driveway and Kai’Dyn said it was for Zane. I said ‘awwww’ and oh look you have your Zane shirt on too! She said “well duh we have tests today, I always wear it on test day!”. Monday came and more tests. Another Zane shirt was on πŸ’œ.

I went to pick up Zeagan from Katherine’s on Sunday like I always do and Mikey mentioned how he had not seen Zane’s monument yet. I told him to get his shoes on and let’s go. He was in awe. He couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. We stood in the cold air reminiscing. We talked about the day of the funeral. Mikey was one of the 16 pallbearers. Zane’s leaving hit him pretty hard. In school, Mikey struggles a little with the social setting. He was one of the ones Zane took under his wing. Just a week before Zane died Mikey spent the entire day at our house because their house caught fire. He needed a place to stay. Zane kept him occupied. Mikey loved to play video games with him and listen to music since they enjoyed the same genre. Another memory I had forgotten.

As we were leaving the cemetery we passed the pavilion. Mikey remembered that’s where we had the outdoor service and met the blue eyed pup with the bandana.

I’ll end this post talking about Khalid. Zane and Izayah’s song was ‘Location’. I heard on the radio that Khalid had to overcome his SOCIAL ANXIETY as he became more popular. This isn’t the same thing as stage fright. It’s panic attacks. Being embarrassed. Feeling of being judged. Depression. Just plain fear. This is a MENTAL HEALTH issue folks. Is he over it? Absolutely not. He has learned to cope. I obviously do not know him personally but I can almost guarantee you that he struggles every time he walks into a crowd. Just like Zane did.

Send me your location
Let’s focus on communicatin’ ’cause
I just need the time and place to come through
(A place to come through)
Send me your location
Let’s ride the vibrations
I don’t need nothin’ else but you (I don’t need nothin’ else but)…….”

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