What? Were My Ears Hearing This?

May 7th, ADOPTION DAY ❤️! I set my alarm early so I wouldn’t run behind. Of course I lolly gagged around and we still got to the court house at 8:25 when we needed to be there by 8:30. As we parked, we noticed a gander of beautiful people waiting to support us. Joe, Kai’Dyn, Riot and I surprised everyone with matching t-shirts that said…

💜”Family Ever After”💜


My friend Marcia created these wonderful shirts for us. Last week I saw her in a store, we chatted, I told her what was about to go on, and she insisted on making the shirts. I couldn’t have been happier with the result.

We all pulled into the court room and sat down, there was another adoption to take place before ours. Judge Tecsh began and we were all ears. I had my head down writing something but quickly turned to look at Joe as soon as I heard the child’s name to be adopted. Christopher Zane. WHAT??? Did we hear that correctly? Joe’s brother Petey, his first name is Christopher, he died at 16. Then Zane, also 16. Kerri texted me “Signs are EVERYWHERE ❤️”. Heck yeah they are. The couple adopting Christopher Zane changed his first name to Zane. No doubt a sign. I sat there crying. I knew my sweet child approved and knew we were doing the right thing.

The adoption went smoothly. We laughed, we cried, I had no makeup on 🤣, and the kids are officially ours! Both decided to change their middle names. It was ALL their own ideas…

Kai’Dyn ZaneMarie

Nickilas Riot Morgan

We now have two blessings to add to the Timmons family. Crazy how they fit right on in.

Saturday we had the adoption/birthday party for Riot. It turned out great. Riot was showered with birthday presents and Joe and I were blessed with adoption gifts. I was also surprised with Mother’s Day goodies! Very surprised!! They made me sit down in a chair to open everything. The kids had special gifts from them, a basket, a

Sunday. Mother’s Day. A day that will never be the same. While I still woke up a mom, and this year a mom to two more, I still have one less to hug. My usual Sunday visit, I went to go see Zane. I sat down and talked/cried. The cemetery was busy today, I heard so many car doors open and close. Next thing I know, I was being hugged. My friend Annette was loving on me. She said her son saw me sitting there and recognized me from when we sat with them at O’Hanas a while before Zane died. We had a good ol time. Annette and I cried and hugged then she left to be with her family.

Yesterday evening, TJ asked if we would like to go to dinner. Joe, Tim (TJs dad) and TJ had been working on TJs sister’s truck all day so they were obviously hungry. Ironically we went to Hyashi Midtown in Lubbock. It’s a hibachi grill like O’Hanas in Levelland. By the way I haven’t stepped in O’Hanas since Zane left us, too many memories. Hyashi Midtown is different because there isn’t a grill in front of you so I was ok with it. Everything was going well, until the waitress was picking up the empty soup bowls…Riot had two. Tim gave him his. Zane ALWAYS ordered two soups. 💜. Joe and I just looked at each other and smiled. Rose and Tim treated us to dinner, it was special and sweet.

All in all my Mother’s Day was better than last year being the first year without Zane. It will NEVER be the same but I still have Daniel and Adrianna AND now I have two more to love. I will never ever stop loving my sweet baby boy. I know for sure he is happy for the adoption. The signs are proof. If you don’t believe in that kind of thing, well then you’ve never lost someone so close to you that your body aches at the mere thought of them being buried in the ground. Especially your 16 year old son. Signs. May 7th my son was there. Our Gotcha Day 💜💜💜.

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