His Batman

Listening to the radio I heard a story about a 16 year old kid who lifted a car off of a stranger. It saved his life. Thank goodness for natural adrenaline, it turned this normal 16 year old into a superhero.

Many years ago when Zane was about 8 he and our neighbor’s grandson, Aaron, decided to take off on the four-wheeler without anyone knowing. Luckily Joe was outside working on the yard (I was at work) but didn’t hear it because he was mowing. But out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of something down the street and our other neighbors saw my husband running as fast as he could. You guessed it, the boys flipped.

This four-wheeler wasn’t one of the new light ones, it was an older one made for the fields, heavy and full of metal. Both of the boys, small skinny kids I might add, were trapped under the ATV. My husband’s adrenaline kicked in. He lifted it off of them like it was a bicycle and threw it on the pavement. Zane and Aaron had gravel embedded in their face, head and anywhere that was exposed without clothes. They were a bit bloody and 911 had already been called. Joe was so frightened he called my sister to meet him at the er, who called me because he was dealing with the paperwork (plus he was in shock). The Levelland ER didn’t have the equipment to scan the boys so the ambulance brought them to Lubbock which is where I met them.

Luckily my sister Carol had enough time to dig out most of the rocks, just a few remained by the time I got to him. The ER gave both boys a CT and X-rays. In the end, other than several deep scrapes, a few holes from the gravel and major bruising the boys were ok. If Joe hadn’t been a superhero that day I don’t know if I would have had Zane as long as I did. Zane said his daddy was his Batman ❤️.

This past Sunday we had the Speak Up/Reach Out Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk in Levelland. TEAM #flyhighzane showed up and walked strong. One of our own, one of my boys, Austin, was a speaker. This young man got up in front of the crowd and poured his heart out about Zane, his brother. He wanted everyone to know that there is always someone to talk to. Austin was brave to stand up there, ending his speech with one of Zane’s favorite songs…Simple Man by Shinedown.

Pastor Amanda and I also spoke. We announced our plans of the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program that we are starting in the Levelland area called #flyhighzane. We have received a grant from our ELCA (Lutheran Synod) to help fund the program. We wanted everyone to know that we are just now getting our feet wet and trying to figure things out. We are welcome to any and all information.

This was #flyhighzane’s 3rd Speak Up/Reach Out Walk. Another sea of purple. Another gathering of loved ones and supporters. Another walk around the lake without Zane. But I walked with Zane’s Batman because he’s my rock.