Words Hurt

People talk. We try to set stories straight, especially in small towns. People also assume and I get it, sometimes it’s all we have to do. But not at the expense of someone’s soul.

Before Zane died I had never experienced any form of mental health. No depression, no anxiety, not one panic attack. Not even when I would have to rush Daniel to the er for stitches or Zane because he couldn’t breathe at 2am from an asthma attack. Then it all hit me. At one time. And maybe a little f-ing psychoticness. This all began pretty much on Wednesday July 26, 2017 around 5:55pm.

Now I know how Zane felt. How his panic attacks took his breath away. How they hurt him to focus. How they made him assume the worst and make up terrible scenarios of what was about to come up. Oh this is going to happen or no wait, this is going to happen. Pure torture on your physical heart and your emotional state.

This blog is for a few people that know about the rumors. The things that have been whispered for almost 5 years but have been surfaced all over again recently. Only so much can be said to make others change their minds. Believe what you want to believe. Words hurt more than a bruise. If you’re looking for someone to take the blame of his death, I’ve ALWAYS taken it. From day one.

#flyhighzane #suicidesucks #youarenotalone #rumorssuck
Text HELP to 741741

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